Smoky Citrus Salt


Our gourmet Smoky Citrus Salt uses real orange, lemon, and lime blended with a touch of smokiness from hickory wood and a hint of ginger. An unparalleled finishing salt for seafood.

Smoky Citrus Salt from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin.

How to Use Smoky Citrus Salt

Use this gourmet salt blend as a finishing salt on fish, shrimp, and chicken. This blend also pairs well with vegetables traditionally flavored with lemon juice such as broccoli, asparagus, and Brussels sprouts.

Also tastes great added to eggs and omelets!

What’s in Smoky Citrus Salt?

We use hand-blended sea salt, orange, black pepper, lemon, hickory-smoked salt, organic lime, and ginger.

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