Onion Salt


Hand blended from California onion and sea salt. A simple seasoning with a smooth onion flavor.

Onion sea salt from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin. Onion salt is a simple combination of granulated onion and salt. The onion flavor is much milder than raw onion, imparting many of the tastes expected of onion without some of the sharpness. This makes our Onion Salt ideal for seasoning many already complex dishes.

How to Use Onion Salt

Onion Salt works well mixed into recipes where the taste or the texture of raw onion is difficult to incorporate. For example, meatloaf or meatballs taste great with a smooth onion flavor, but raw onion can be difficult to work into the mixture evenly. The blend of onion and salt does not clump as much as pure onion powder. The salt pulls moisture from its surroundings to mix and distribute even flavoring throughout the meal.

Onion salt also tastes great on bread and butter, on cream cheese and bagels, mixed into omelets, or blended into a tomato sauce.

Onion Salt vs Onion Powder

Onion salt uses granulated onions mixed with salt. The density of the salt changes the way the mixture pours and sprinkles. Onion powder is typically more prone to clumping and demands thorough mixing. Blending onion powder may be suitable to powder mixes such as a flour breading but could be detrimental to other blends such as meatloaf.

How Much Onion Salt Equals One Onion?

Two teaspoons of our Onion Salt is roughly equivalent to one onion.

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