Habanero Hot Salt


Fiery organic habanero is blended with sea salt to make a kick-butt salt. Use as a finishing salt to add intensity to any meal.

Habanero Hot Salt from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin.

How to Use Habanero Hot Salt

Use this hot salt to add a simultaneous kick of salt and spiciness to any meal. This finishing salt works great on prepared foods that might be a bit ‘boring’ otherwise, such as store-bought potato salad. Normally this gourmet salt is best used as a finishing salt after cooking, except when used as a hot rub on meats or sprinkled on hamburger before grilling.

This salt can also be used to rim a spicy bloody mary for bold and adventurous cocktail-makers.

What’s In Habanero Hot Salt?

We use hand-blended sea salt and organic habanero to make this hot salt.

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