Rubbed Albanian Sage


Sage is one of the original culinary herbs and has been in use in classic European cooking and medicine for over a thousand years. Our sage is sourced from Albania and rubbed, not ground, to protect the flavor and essential oils.

Rubbed Albanian Sage from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin.

How to Use Rubbed Sage

Sage has a powerful flavor that pairs well with other strong flavors such as leek, onion, mushroom, or wine. Measure carefully and add to holiday stuffing, sausages, beef, lamb, or fish. Use sage to make many classic stews and winter dishes.

Rubbed Sage vs Ground Sage

Rubbed sage is less dense and thus has less concentration of flavor than ground sage, but also holds flavor longer. Many chefs believe rubbed sage is better than either fresh or ground for making classic stuffing recipes due to its balance of flavor and hardiness.

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