Dried Chives


Made from the delicate tops of a member of the onion family. Dried chives add a lovely flavor and texture when added to many cream-based dishes or blended into other creamy products such as sour cream or cream cheese.

Dried Chives from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin. Our chives are freeze-dried, chopped, and ready for use.

How to Use Dried Chives

Dried chives can be used as a topping on cream cheese and bagels, mixed into a dip, or cooked into a recipe. Dried chives do not become bitter when cooked like fresh chives do, making our flavorful chives a great way to add delicate onion flavor to cooked dishes.

For a simple meal, blend our chives with olive oil and feta and toss with cooked penne pasta. Bake until bubbly.

What are Chives?

Despite similarities, chives are not green onions. While all are in the onion family, chives are an aromatic grass with significant flavor differences compared to green onions.

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