Pork Rub


Use our competition-grade Pork Rub for a one-step seasoning on any day of the week. Our Pork Rub is sweet and slightly hot with a blend of mustards, peppers, and aromatics.

Pork Rub from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin. Keep our rub on hand for a slow-cooked pulled-pork masterpiece, or for easy weeknight dinner pork chops. Just add meat!

How to Use Pork Rub

Our rub contains all of the proper seasonings to create a delicious bark on slow-cooked or roasted pork. Combined about one tablespoon of rub per pound of meat with one tablespoon of oil and rub over the entire surface of the meat until there is a thin coating all around the cut of pork. A consistent layer of rub is what will form the bark during slow cooking as sugars mixed with pork juices caramelize on the roast. Cook or smoke over low and steady heat until a bark forms and the meat reaches the desired temperature.

Use our rub with pork butt, ribs, or chops.

What’s In Pork Rub?

Our rub is hand-blended from turbinado sugar, salt, paprika, demerara sugar, grains of paradise, onion, garlic, yellow mustard, chili powder, brown mustard, black pepper, rosemary, clove, and allspice.

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