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Vegetable salad is really not that popular in the Philippines. In fact, I can only count how many times I ate this when I was still in the Philippines. I guess, Filipinos are just not that fond of uncooked vegetables. But anyway, since I got here in the US, and considering how busy the lifestyle here, vegetable salad really comes in handy.
Vegetable salad, though not a Pinoy recipe, is a very healthy food. In fact, I would prefer to eat this everyday if I can. But you’ll get tired of it. This is very good for those people who sometimes get lazy like me. And also, if you are like me and Nunnie who are both trying to lose weight, this food is for you. It’s actually not bad to eat this everyday, all you have to do is be creative with what you put in it. Vegetable salad is basically a recipe that can be modified easily. You can put whatever you want in it. In fact, Nunnie likes it with some shredded carrots and sliced red and green bell peppers. You can put basically what vegetable is available in your fridge.
When it comes to meat, you can put whatever meat you have. If you have ham, that’s fine. But on this video, we have leftover grilled chicken and that’s what we used. If you are trying to save money and you don’t want any food to go to waste, this is the way to go.
This is very easy to make. Probably the hardest part is just chopping and slicing. Other than that, all you have to do is mix all the ingredients and top it with some salad dressing and that’s it. I remember when I was still in the Philippines, the dressing that we would put is just a combination of mayonnaise and catsup. I think they call it thousand-island dressing. But here, I prefer the light Italian dressing and Nunnie likes the buttermilk ranch.
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