Ground Indian Ginger


Ginger is pungent, peppery, and warm with a hint of citrus flavor. We source our Ground Ginger from India.

Ground Indian Ginger from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin. Ground ginger is sometimes called ginger powder, and the two are the same thing.

How to Use Ground Indian Ginger

Use in baking including classic holiday recipes such as gingerbread cookies. Or, add to Asian stews, African soups, and countless other savory recipes. Ginger is a staple spice in the pantry.

Fresh Ginger to Ground Ginger

When comparing ground ginger to fresh, it is important to note that ground ginger’s pungent flavors are very concentrated, and the citrus undertones are muted. As a result, do not substitute ground ginger for fresh ginger in many dishes, such as high-heat wok stir-frys. In other areas such as baking or long-cooking soups and stews, substitute when necessary one-eighth a teaspoon of ground ginger per one tablespoon of fresh ginger.

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