Garlic Salt


Hand blended from California garlic and sea salt. Our blend contains a higher ratio of garlic to sea salt than typical for a stronger garlic flavor. If you like garlic, this is the essential salt blend for your kitchen. Use on pretty much anything savory!

Garlic sea salt combines garlic, an intensely flavored and pungent relative to the onion used to flavor dishes for thousands of years, with sea salt. Salt opens up the palate, enhancing flavors and bringing the garlic taste forward. We use garlic from California instead of Asia as we believe it creates a premium flavor. Try for yourself and see!

How to Use Garlic Salt

Garlic salt is an excellent everyday staple to keep on hand for quick and easy meals. Have a loaf of bread and butter? Sprinkle with garlic salt and bake until golden and fragrant. Forgot to plan a side dish for a meal? Sprinkle extra vegetables such as carrots or potatoes with garlic salt and bake or sautee until cooked. Garlic salt also makes for a natural meat seasoning. Blend into ground beef for hamburgers or a pasta meat sauce or coat chicken or steak for a dry rub marinade. Add a teaspoon or more per pound to meat about a half-hour before cooking. Or, add pinches of garlic salt after cooking as a tableside seasoning. Garlic salt is a particularly effective seasoning for ketogenic diets, and other similar diets as its garlic flavor easily complement the proteins that dominate those meal plans.

Garlic Powder vs Garlic Salt

The salt in garlic salt changes both density and flow compared to garlic powder or even granulated garlic. Powders are light, airy, and prone to clumping if not stirred or mixed. Salt is much denser than powders and when properly blended with garlic makes it much easier to spread flavor across a dish with a pinch or a dash.

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