Dill Weed


Dried Dill Weed offers much of the flavor of fresh dill without having to worry about the short shelf life, and works better than fresh dill in many cooked dishes.

Dill Weed from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin. Perhaps best known for its starring role in dill pickles, dill weed is a versatile herb outside of the pickle jar. Dill is native to the Mediterranean, and we source our dill from Egypt.

How to Use Dill Weed

Dill is used in traditional dishes, such as Greek yogurt dip or Iranian dill rice, to new uses such as in desserts or craft cocktails. Dill also has simple everyday uses, such as paired with lemon on simple roast fish.

Stir dried dill and salt into white rice after cooking and let sit a few minutes for quick Persian style rice to accompany roasted fish or lamb.

In general, add dill weed at the end of cooking to preserve its flavor. In cooked dishes, fresh dill often cannot hold up to heat and loses flavor quickly. Dried Dill Weed can withstand more cooking while it absorbs moisture.

Dill Weed vs Dill

Dill Weed and dill are typically the same thing, and used interchangeably. The dill plant does produce two culinary ingredients, however: dill weed, the leafy and green part of the herb, and dill seed. In nearly all cases when a recipe calls for dill, it means dill weed.

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