Chinese Five Spice


Chinese Five Spice contains balanced hints of the five tastes considered significant in Chinese culinary history: spicy, sweet, sour, salty, and bitter.

Chinese Five Spice from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin.

How to Use Chinese Five Spice

Many stir-fry and Chinese sauce recipes call for Chinese Five Spice in small quantities, typically less than one or two teaspoons, due to its potent mix of flavors. Chinese Five Spice works well with meats but works best with meats that have some fat to them, or poultry left skin-on.

Chinese Five Spice Chicken

The simplest weeknight dish to make with Chinese Five Spice is Five Spice Chicken:

Marinate about two pounds or more of chicken pieces with skin on (often chicken thighs work best, but a whole chicken in pieces is also an option) in a mixture of: one chopped onion, a few cloves chopped garlic, one-third cup soy sauce, one to two tablespoons of sesame oil or peanut oil, and two teaspoons of Chinese Five Spice. Place all ingredients in a large plastic bag or sealing dish and let marinate at least one hour or preferably overnight.

Bake chicken at 350°F until done, about one hour depending on your oven. Use a meat thermometer to check the thickest pieces and remove when chicken breast registers just under 160°F at the thickest point.

Serve with rice and stir-fry vegetables.

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