Whole Indonesian Cloves


We source our whole cloves from Indonesia, the native home of this fragrant and robust spice.

Whole Indonesian Cloves from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin.

How to Use Whole Cloves

Cloves are native to Indonesia and known the world over for use in both savory and sweet dishes. The taste of cloves is fruity but sharp and slightly bitter with a hint of heat. The aroma is warm and assertive with peppery undertones. Whole cloves retain their flavor longer and can be used whole in many recipes such as the traditional holiday ham.

Many recipes could use a little bit more spice - an extra dash of flavor can't hurt, right? Wrong when it comes to cloves. These babies are potent, start small and measure precisely.

Whole Cloves to Ground

One whole clove is equivalent to about one-fourth of one teaspoon of ground cloves.

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