Montreal Steak Seasoning


Our Montreal Steak Seasoning is coarse and robust. Purpose-built for marbled cuts of meat.

Montreal Steak Seasoning from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin. A fusion of flavors from the British and French culinary influences in Canada.

How to Use Montreal Steak Seasoning

Rub on steak and let sit a bit, or use as a dry rub marinade over a few hours. This is a seasoning blend that works great with strong flavored meats such as New York Strip, flank, or skirt steaks. Eat with fork and knife, or slice into strips and pan saute with onions and mushrooms to made a classic Montreal steak sandwich.

What is in Montreal Steak Seasoning?

Our bold Montreal Steak Rub is hand blended from coriander seed, black pepper, red bell pepper, onion, garlic, dill, coarse sea salt, caraway seed, thyme and lemon peel.

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