California Garlic Powder


California Garlic Powder has a mellow but full garlic flavor. Use anywhere garlic flavor is desired without the need to chop and cook raw garlic, or where the consistency of whole garlic is undesired.

California Garlic Powder from Foodly in a ½ cup modern tin. Made from dehydrated garlic with no added fillers or anti-caking ingredients.

How to Use Garlic Powder

Add to nearly any savory dish. Garlic powder is a great salt-substitute and can be used by those on a sodium-restricted diet.

Granulated Garlic vs Garlic Powder

The difference between granulated and powdered garlic is the consistency of the grind. Both of these products are made from dehydrated garlic. Garlic powder is ground to a consistency of flour, whereas granulated garlic more resembles sand. Garlic powder is more potent, and releases flavor faster.

Garlic Cloves to Garlic Powder

About 1/8 teaspoon garlic powder equals one clove of garlic.

Can Dogs Eat Garlic Powder?

In short, no. Garlic and onion contain chemicals that are toxic to dogs.

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