About Us

We founded Foodly to make it easier to cook with great ingredients. We do this by making beautiful tins and racks that are easy to use and easy to display, filled with our premium spices and spice blends sourced from around the world.

Our free mobile app keeps track of what you own and when it expires so you don't have to guess.

We welcome you to take a look around our store and find inspiration for your culinary adventures!

Our Spices

From Advieh to Za’atar, we offer a full line of gourmet spices, herbs, seasoning blends, and salts in visually striking metal tins. Our ingredients are sourced and imported from around the world, and our recyclable metal packaging limits plastic waste and, when compared to glass, lowers shipping weight to save on transportation emissions. All of our spices and seasoning blends are packaged in house and in small batches for unmatched freshness. This allows us to provide higher quality than big box stores at low prices.

Our Spice Tin

Our Spice Racks

Our App

Our Story

We are a family-run business from Dallas, Texas, founded to make it easier to cook amazing meals with great ingredients. We founded Foodly because of personal experiences with difficulty keeping quality ingredients on hand and readily available due to:
  • Problems keeping things organized - ingredients such as spices and seasonings come in different sizes and containers and eventually end up shoved into messy drawers and cabinets.
  • Difficulty keeping track of expiration dates - dozens of different dates and no way to keep track of when ingredients expire for efficient meal planning or prep.
  • Wasted money from buying duplicate spices or extra trips to the store for forgotten ingredients.
  • Problems displaying and using ingredients - we found our ingredients wasting away in drawers. We wanted to bring our seasonings out into the light and make them a part of a modern-designed kitchen.