Best Cuban Sandwich Recipe, Miami Style anywhere
So, you have been in South Florida and had a Cuban sandwich. Now you want to know: How does someone make a Cuban Sandwich at home?
First you need to know there are two types of Cuban
The original found mainly in the Tampa Florida area.
And the perfected Miami style Cuban sandwich.
This recipe is for the better of the two, Miami style!
The ingredients found in the Miami style can be hard to find outside of south Florida. So let’s assume you are in Minnesota and want to make an authentic Miami Cuban sandwich from ingredients found at Krogers.
Here is what you need:
French Bread and Butter spread (this will substitute for Cuban bread very well)
Yellow Mustard
Deli sliced Black Forest Ham (this will substitute for roast pork)
Deli sliced Honey Ham (this will substitute for glazed ham)
Crunchy Dill Pickles, sliced length ways
Deli sliced Swiss cheese
To press you sandwich, you can use aluminum foil and your George foremen grill instead of a Panini press.
First, slice your bread length ways in half
Next spread your yellow mustard generously on both halves.
Then, on the bottom half, first layer your black forest ham
Next layer the honey ham and then the Swiss cheese
Now, the most important part, completely layer the sliced pickles on top of the cheese
This specific order of layers is what causes the flavor burst. Changing the order will have a big change in the taste of the sandwich.
Close the sandwich.
Place it on the aluminum foil and completely cover with the butter on both sides.
This is necessary because normal Cuban bread is made with lard. To get that flavor from French bread, you need lots of butter.
As your George foreman heats up, tightly wrap your sandwich in the foil. You may need more than one layer. Make it as tight a wrap as you can!
Then, place it on the George Forman grill and let is cook for 5-7 min.
Unwrap your pressed sandwich and diagonal slice the middle at approximately 45 degrees.
Enjoy your authentic flavor Miami Cuban sandwich in the snowy northern winter or anywhere for that matter.
Have fun out there!

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