How to make real LA style Korean BBQ. Recipe is posted on my website!
Ingredients (for 4-6 servings):
LB ( kg) of LA style beef short ribs, soy sauce, water, honey, garlic, onion, ginger, pear,sesame oil, sesame seeds, black ground pepper, soybean paste, hot pepper paste, green onions, lettuce, perilla leaves, green chili pepper, cucumber, and carrot.
See photos and descriptions of ingredients on my website:
1. Trim excess fat from the short ribs and rinse a couple times in cold water.
2. Soak the ribs in cold water for 10-20 minutes to remove the blood.
Make marinade:
1. In a large bowl, add 1/3 cup soy sauce, 1/3 cup water or cooking wine, and ¼ cup honey (or 1/3 cup brown sugar).
2. Blend 1 Korean pear (about 2 cups’ worth), 8 cloves of garlic, 1 medium onion, and 1 ts of chopped ginger until it turns into a white creamy liquid.
3. Add it to your soy sauce base and add 2 tbs sesame oil.
*tip: If you can’t find a Korean pear, use 2 ripe bosc pears. I sometimes use bosc pears and they work well.
4. Rinse the short ribs in fresh cold water a couple more times to remove any remaining bone fragments. Drain the water.
5. Add the ribs to the marinade and mix it well, by hand.
6. Keep it in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Overnight is better, but an hour is ok if you are short of time.
Make dipping sauce:
1. Mix these 2 tbs soy bean paste, 1 tbs of hot pepper paste, 1 stalk of chopped green onion, 1 clove of minced garlic, 1 ts honey, 1 ts of sesame oil, and 1 ts sesame seeds in a small bowl with a spoon.
Prepare vegetables:
1. Rinse and drain lettuce and perilla leaves. Put them on a plate or basket.
2. Cut a cucumber into strips 3 ½ inch to 4 inches in length and ½ inch thick (8-10 cm long x1 ½ cm thick),
3. Chop green chili peppers and slice a few cloves of raw garlic and put them next to green lettuce and perilla leaves.
Let’s cook and eat!
1. Grill, pan fry, or BBQ the ribs. The LA style cut is thin, so they’re cooked much faster than usual ribs. It takes only about 5 minutes!
2. When the both sides are cooked, put them on a serving plate. Cut the meat part off the bone with scissors into bite sized pieces.
3. Wrap it in a lettuce leaf and a periilla leaf. Add dipping sauce, garlic, and a piece of green chili pepper to the pocket, wrap it up, and put it in your mouth.
You can serve this with rice and kimchi, too.
Enjoy the recipe!




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