My springform pan was 9″ in diameter. If you use a 8″ springform pan you may need less ice cream. (3 quarts)
19 Kit Kat Bars (4 sections each, inches long)
4 quarts (liters) ice cream, flavours are your choice, pick complimentary ones.
Remove ice cream from freezer.
Let stand at room temperature 10-15 minutes or until soft and spreadable but not melting.
(Return to freezer briefly if too soft to work with.) Meanwhile, with a long sharp knife, cut 10 Kit Kat bars in 2 sections each.
Stand around sides of pan, narrower Kit Kat-inscribed side against pan.
Coarsely chop remaining 9 Kit Kat bars; make 4 piles of 2 bars and one pile of one bar
Spoon first quart of ice cream into springform pan; spread firmly and evenly to cover bottom.
Sprinkle with 1 pile chopped Kit Kats.
Repeat with next 3 layers of ice cream until you reach the top of the kit kat “wall” around the springform pan.
Top with chopped up Kit Kat pieces.
If at any time the bottom layer (s) begin to melt, place cake in freezer until ice cream becomes firm.) Cover pan and freeze at least 8 hours until very firm or up to 1 month.
Just before serving; Remove pan sides and let lit at room temperature for 1015 minutes to allow some softening.
To make clean cuts, dip a long, sharp knife in hot water between cuts.
This would serve 15-20 people. It is HUGE.
I found this recipe in a magazine from Better Homes and Gardens “Party Cakes” but I just googled it today and found the exact recipe here.
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