– This video shows some of the cakes that my online students learned from me in 2010. Some cakes are easy to make, others are a bit more difficult. My students had a lot of fun with all of them, though. 🙂
Good Pastry means a lot more than just mixing ingredients together and putting them in the oven. There are many more steps and details involved to get really professional results.
If for you, a cake recipe must fit on a small sticky note, then Keikos-Cake is likely not for you. 😉
If, however, you are open to learn and wish to impress your friends with professional self-made pastry, then you should make this wish come true. It’s not difficult. Many of my students are surprised about the cakes they are suddenly able make. And their friends are surprised 😀
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Music: “Espiritu” by Matt Thorp
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