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In partnership with FaveDiets ( ) recipe, I used to love Reubens with their corned beef, sauerkraut, rye, and swiss cheese was always one of my favorites. When I was a line cook, I used to make these by caseload. One of the biggest impediments on a low carb diet was always the rye (obviously) and the high carb sandwich sauce. My flax bread took care of the former, and my most recent video — the low carb thousand island dressing – — addressed the latter.
I hope you guys liked this recipe as much as I do.
Low Carb Reuben Sandwich Casserole Ingredients:
2 Flax Breads, cubed and dried ()
1 cup Low Carb Thousand Island Salad Dressing
16 oz Sauerkrau, drained
8-12 oz Corned Beef
1 cup Swiss Cheese
Makes 8 servings.
Nutrition Info per Serving:
422 Calories, 38g Fat, 6g Total Carbs ( Fiber), Protein
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