1 English Muffin
1 egg
1 slice american cheese
1 slice canadian bacon pre cooked
1. Slice the muffin and begin toasting is only on the top side.
2. Heat up a small skillet and begin heating throught the canadian bacon.
3 Using a large ring of a masonary jar with the inside of the ring sprayed with oil. Place the ring inside the pan and put a little butter in the ring.
4. Crack the egg into the ring and break the yolk and sprrad it out a bit.
5. Flip the bacon and check the muffin if it is done put it on a plate and butter it.
6 As the egg sets remove the ring and flip the egg over.
and lay the cheese on top of the egg.
7. Put the bacon on the bottom of the muffin and then the egg/cheese and then the top of the muffin.

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