Learn[?] how to bake cup cakes in a few simple steps. Or just watch the expressions I make when on camera. Whichever you fancy.
– 3 eggs. – 6 oz Sugar, Butter and self-raising Flour. – 1 & half tea spoons baking powder. – Vanilla essence.
(Icing) – Butter. – Icing sugar. – Milk. – Vanilla Extract.
[Remember – 1 egg = roughly 2 ounces so you can scale this recipe up/down as you please]
Cream (mix) the butter with the sugar. Add egg. Add flour. Add baking powder and vanilla. MIX!
Then bake in the oven for about 20 minutes at 190ºc or until they’re done.
Then, once cool, make icing and slather it on top.
Well done! You’ve made the most basic cakes you can! Yay!





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