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In this video I teach you how to a make a Disney Frozen cake with my guest star, my NIECE Elsa!
How to make hard candy video:
Disney Frozen figurine set:
• 6″, 8″ round 2 layer cakes
• White buttercream
• 3 sugar cones
• 1 ice cream cone
• Hard candy (shaped in long rectangle pieces, with angled tops)
• Clear sanding sugar
• Snowflake sprinkles
• Small Frozen plastic characters
1. Bake, ice and prepare 6″ and 8″ cakes. Stack cakes on top of each other, lining up the 6″ cake to be at the back of the 8″ cake. Use a small amount of buttercream in between the layers to help them stick together.
2. Place a small amount of buttercream towards the back of the top of the 6″ cake, and place the regular ice cream cone in the centre, with 2 of the sugar cones on either side of it, pointy side up. Place the third cone on top of the regular cone, pointy side up.
3. Using a sharp knife, draw a concave line, following the curve of the cones, and cut out a concave portion of the cake, and remove it.
4. Cover the concave portion, cake board, and cone structure in white icing.
5. Using a sharp serrated knife, cut the hard candy into shaped pieces for the ice castle. I found this to be easiest by cutting gently, and laying the pieces out separate from each other, as they tend to stick to each other. I cut 7 pieces for the background of the castle, and 4-6 pieces for the front of the castle. Elsa, had other ideas for the foreground pieces!!
6. Where the 8″ cake is not covered but the 6″ cake, cover with sanding sugar, and snowflake sprinkles- being careful not to get the icing on the hard candy pieces as they don’t clean off very easily.
7. Place Frozen characters where you desire, and serve when ready!
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