Check out my Sweetspot Pocket Review of my local MAX BRENNER Chocolate & Dessert Bar here on the Gold Coast! Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate – my version of heaven!
Max Brenner have locations all over the world and in my opinion their chocolate quality is amazing! I’ve tried a few different chocolate bars (ok, WAY too many different chocolate bars – lol) and Max B is always my favourite return destination.
Whenever I travel I ALWAYS check out the “sweet spots” wherever I am and I’ve been taking little pocket review style videos as I’ve been visiting and tasting my way around the world.
If theres a super cool Sweet location near you, let me know in the comments below and when I’m in town I’ll try to stop by and do a review so we can share the best sweet locations around the world!
This episode was filmed using the Tastemade App, free in the iTunes store. A super simple way to create bite sized videos from your iPhone!
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