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4 Lbs of ground beef
1 / 4 cup bread crumbs
3 tsp salt
2 tsp of pepper
4 tsp of worcheshire sauce
1 egg
We make a lot of burgers with this recipe and our goal is to freeze the extras so we have quick and easy
burgers whenever we want!
First you will need 4lbs of ground beef and a 1/4 cup of Bread Crumbs. We grind our own beef but you
can use pre-ground beef from the supermarket. Start by mixing all the ingredients together and slowly
adding the bread crumbs, once everything is mixed well we are ready to make the burgers.
Prepare a cookie sheet with spray oil and set aside.
We started using a burger press to make sure all the burgers were consistent in size. But feel free to use
your hands to shape the patties. Try not to compact the burger too much and when you have the
amount of meat you like place the formed burger on the cookie sheet. Repeat this process until you
have run out of meat.
Now we are ready to make the fries. Set your burner to #8 and add 5 cups of corn or vegetable oil to a
large pot. While the oil is heating slice your condiments, onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and anything
else you like on your burger.
Now take 2 large potatoes and peel the skin off then cut them julienne style about a 1/4 thick. Be sure
to use a paper towel to remove excess moisture before you fry your potatoes.
We can get the burgers started now; since they are fresh and not frozen they will cook quickly. Take a
griddle or large frying pan and set it on high.
Check your oil by holding a potato in the oil, if bubbles come off then you are ready to start frying,
carefully add all your potatoes to the oil, try not to splash yourself as the oil is really hot. Fry the potatoes for 8 minutes on #8, now the griddle or frying pan will be hot enough to throw the
burgers on, since the burgers are not frozen we will only need to cook them for 4 minutes on each side,
or however you prefer your red meat. After you have flipped the burger once go ahead and place your
cheese on the burger and cover with a spare pot lid.
Meanwhile toast the buns, we use the extra space on our griddle or you can just pop them in your
toaster oven.
My husband enjoys and egg on his burger, so if you do too, go ahead and cook one up!
Since our burger buns are usually frozen to prolong their life span we cut them open after a minute or so
to toast them better.
After the timer has gone off for the french fries give them a mix and cook for another four minutes.
While the fries are finishing up, prepare your plates with the buns, and toppings.
After the timer has gone off again for the fries, take them out of the hot oil, if you don’t have a metal
mesh spoon, use tongs or the largest spoon you own that drains. We place the fries on another paper
towel to help remove any excess oil. Be sure to add salt and then you are ready to serve.
The burgers should be done; we usually take a peek inside to double check. Top the buns with your
freshly cooked burger and prepared condiments.
Don’t forget about all the extra burgers, place them in the freezer overnight and then bag them up the
next day. When you are ready for a burger, simply cook for 7 minutes on each side covered at all times!
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